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DotComSecrets Local - Page 3 of 9 - Online marketing solutions to help you get more customers

How To Turn Smartphone Users Into Customers?

A new megatrend has emerged due to growing use of mobile devices that
access the Internet.restaurant-homepage-android The growing number of mobile device users in turn creates a new requirement for business owners to practise mobile marketing, which is based on mobile optimized websites. These are designed for smartphones.

This year of 2014 is special, because one of the milestones in the Internet usage is achieved. In this year more mobile devices i.e. smartphones and tablets access the Internet than desktop and laptop computers as the previous blog post shows.

It is known that people use their smartphones wherever they are – at home, when their go to work, at work, lunch hour, when they are walking on the streets and so on. When your business has a mobile website, anyone can access its information wherever he or she is.

Mobile Responsive Vs. Mobile Optimized

The majority of websites i.e. 82% are mobile responsive. Although mobile responsive websites are good on PCs in other words on desktop and laptop computers, they are not necessarily good on smartphones.

Why is it so? Because mobile responsive websites are built in Flash, when they do not load. Many times text is too small, when it is impossible to read without zooming. On the other hand, many websites are designed for wide screen monitors, when this kind of websites do not fit into small screen of smartphones at all and user experience can be quite diffuse.

Google gives priority to mobile websites

When someone performs a search from his/her mobile device, Google gives different results to the searcher compared to situation when someone would have done the same search from his/her desktop computer. This is because Google has different search algorithm for mobile devices than for PCs.

In addition, now it is easier to get top ranking, because there are so few mobile websites. For example the recent local investigation shows that only 3 out of 40 restaurants in Dublin have mobile optimized website. The rest have mobile responsive website or no website at all.

The majority of local searches are done on a mobile device

It is known that people do different things with their Mobile_marketer
smartphones. This can be explained better when we
look at statistics from Google (2012):

  • 95% of smartphone users have looked for local info
  • 88% of these users take action within a day
  • 77% have contacted a business
  • 61% of local searches result in a phone call
  • 59% visiting at the local business

Mobile marketing with QR codes and SMS campaigns

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are a special type of bar code where information is encoded into black squares. This code can be quickly read by smartphone’s QR code reader.

For example, by encoding your website link into a QR code and putting the QR code on your business card or brochure, a prospect can quickly scan it and immediately get your contact information and access your website from his/her smartphone without need to type your website address.

On the other hand, SMS (Short Message Service) means sending ordinary text messages to a recipient’s mobile phone. These text messages can contain a clickable link on to your website. This is another great marketing tool for a business owner, because it provides a form of instant communication with the prospect or customer.

So how can you turn smartphone users into customers? The answer lies in mobile marketing, which means having a mobile optimized website. This and different kind of other offers, discounts, coupons, events etc. can be advertised through QR codes and SMS messages.

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Have You Adapted Online Marketing To Change?

This post shows how a business owner should integrate his/her online marketing strategy to the recent and remarkable change in consumer behaviour.

Previously, before the Internet revolutionized marketing, consumers trusted in traditional media such as local newspapers, TV and radio stations to find local products and services.

Today we can say that the Internet has beaten yellow pages and newspapers as a primary source for local consumer service information. Due to the technological development of the Internet as well as of the PC and mobile devices, consumers can use search engines like Google to find local products and services online. Figure 1 below shows how consumers find local businesses on the Internet.

Figure 1. How Consumers Find Local Businesses


Revolutionary Change in Consumer Behaviour

This year of 2014 a significant milestone is reached, when over 50% of all local searches are performed on mobile devices i.e. on smartphones and tablets. Please see the figure 1 below. This is good news for local business owners, because people perform these searches when they are on the road.

Figure 2. Mobile and Desktop Internet Users


This revolutionary change in the consumer behaviour is sensible to take into account when planning your online marketing strategy. It is more efficient and less expensive to advertise on the Internet compared to traditional newspaper advertising. Why is it so?

Newspaper Vs. Online Advertising

Firstly, online advertising is efficient, because it is continuous 24 hours a day and 7 days a week activity. In addition, it reaches consumers wherever they are with their devices. Compared to this, traditional newspaper advertising can reach consumers only when they get a newspaper where you have placed an ad.

Secondly, online advertising is versatile with multimedia content i.e. it includes a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video or interactivity content forms. When we compare this kind of rich content marketing to newspaper ads, it is easy to see how superior online advertising is. Old-fashioned newspaper ads do not offer such a versatility of features.

Thirdly, online advertising is less expensive than newspaper ads. We can say that it is very cost-effective, in other words it produces good results without costing a lot of money.

For example, if you place a one-time full page ad in the Dublin Gazette we are talking about a price range from €1550 (1 title) to  €6100 (7 titles).

How do these prices compare to our services i.e. what would you get from us for the prices? The following comparison does not provide exact prices of our services, rather it gives a general idea.

Example 1. The Dublin Gazette Advertising Vs. DotComSecrets Local Services

The Dublin Gazette, 1 Full Page Ad in 1 Title for €1550

DotComSecrets Local Services for €1550

  • WP Mobile Responsive Website, 5 Pages, Theme Based

Example 2. The Dublin Gazette Advertising Vs. DotComSecrets Local Services

The Dublin Gazette, 1 Full Page Ad in 7 Titles for €6100

DotComSecrets Local Services for €6100

  • WP Mobile Responsive Website, 5 Pages, Custom
  • SEO Mobile 5 Keywords for 7 Months
  • Intermediate Local Buzz for 6 Months

As you can see from the rough price comparison above, online marketing satisfies all the before-mentioned criterions of efficiency, outreach, versatility and cost-effectiveness.

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