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DotComSecrets Local - Page 5 of 9 - Online marketing solutions to help you get more customers

The Quickest & Easiest Way To Create A Video Ad

For a long time, large companies have utilized video advertising, that they have published usually on TV. These companies have paid for video creation and expensive advertising time on television. Therefore the vast majority of TV adverts or ads today consist of brief advertising spots.

Video Is The Fastest Growing Sales Tool

The Internet age has created a new setting. Today also small businesses can afford to utilize video ads in their online marketing. Video commercials form one of the hottest segments of the Internet advertising marketplace. On the Internet you do not need to pay for advertising time.

Video marketing is a powerful tool to promote a business, products and services. Actually, video is the fastest growing sales tool today. According to comScore 77% of users watch online video and there is 37% increase since 2010. The majority of the Internet traffic will be generated by video.

On the other hand, online video is more effective than any other form of advertising. Research by comScore shows that sales conversion rate can increase from 17% to 28% in sales for products when using a video on a website.

In addition, search engines love video. It is known that Google and other search engines have separate algorithm for video content. We can say that search engines favour video content, because it gets higher site ranking.

What, if we compare TV ads to video ads? A recent study by Nielsen shows that online video has 65% general recall compared to 46% of conventional TV ads. Therefore we can say that online video ads are more effective than TV ads.

However, there are three main problems when creating video commercials or media video campaigns:

1. Too expensive
2. Too time-consuming
3. Require professional expertise

These are the reasons that prevent millions of small business owners and private sellers from using video to promote their businesses, products and services.

Video Creation and Online Marketing

Today there are solutions available from video creation to publishing. They consist of video creation and online marketing. Video creation is based on professional quality video using still pictures, video footage, text on screen, voiceover, and background music.

On the other hand, online marketing provides a simple way to create sophisticated, targeted ad campaigns for your video. This can be done by coupons linked to your video, by creating QR Code/Barcode linked to your video and by adding video to any email campaign you send.

Note: this service has been discontinued by our current service provider.

4 Reasons To Utilize Social Media Optimization

My first contact with social media and especially with Facebook started at the end of year 2007. I created a profile on Facebook and also founded a group for gamers then. My purpose was to market online games and recruit new players. This group included several hundreds of players.

However, I realized that the business idea of these online games were not viable, so we did not succeed to create online business by this way. Despite of this, the majority of the group members are still my friends on Facebook.

Since those days different social media platforms have emerged and developed as well as the number of members using them have increased enormously. The growth of social media usage continues.


Why To Employ Social Media?

Social media optimization or social media marketing is the process of generating publicity through different social media networks and platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. These four are the major social media platforms, that I use myself.

For example, I use this blog as the hub for content creation. The published content is then shared on the social media sites of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

The following figures are from the year 2013: Facebook has over 1 million monthly active users, LinkedIn has 200 million, Twitter has 288 million and Google+ has 300 million monthly active users on its social networking platform (TechCrunch and Wikipedia).

The above mentioned popularity, the high volume of people using the 4 social media platforms, the continuous growth of members (for example 2 new members sign up per second on LinkedIn) are good reasons to utilize social media optimization. Are there other reasons?

Yes, there are. We can determine at least 4 other factors how social media optimization helps your business:

1. By promoting awareness of business, brand, product or service
2. By influencing buying behaviour
3. By influencing buying decisions
4. By promoting customer loyalty

Social media optimization is a task-extensive online marketing effort requiring expertise and manpower. It is a long-term effort, which requires everyday tasks to reach a critical mass of fans, followers and connections to achieve growth. Results of your social media marketing campaign follow as your content and connections build up over time. It does not happen instantly.

Doing social media optimization all by yourself, organizing, training or monitoring a team to do it in-house will be very time-consuming taking away time from your core activities. All you have to do is to let us take care of all of your social media marketing needs.

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