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ReviewFirst off – and keeping the various Transformers movies in mind – this doesn’t seem like a movie that Michael Bay would have directed. But the minute the explosions and gunfire commences, you will know that yes, this is indeed his film. He is after all, a pro at making things blow up in style.

Jack (Krasinski), Rone (Dale), Tanto (Schreiber), Oz (Martini), Glen (Stephens), and Tig (Fumusa) all have military backgrounds and know their way with various weapons. In Benghazi though, they face danger at almost every turn.

And it’s not just from the enemy; even the resident CIA chief (Costabile) treats them like a burden he has to bear with. But when the American diplomatic outpost is attacked, it’s only these tough warriors who can save the day and hopefully, keep the Ambassador from harm as well. ดูหนังออนไลน์


Review: While there has been a smattering of animated films out in the last couple of months, few can lay claim to having a lasting, residual feel-good factor to it. Some go over-the-top in terms of colour saturation.

Others were just too outlandish and some are crammed full of moralistic messages for children. But thankfully, Zootopia doesn’t suffer from any of these wearisome traits.

There are various allegorical references. ‘Zootopia’ is itself a portmanteau or rather, a blend word of ‘zoo’ and ‘utopia’. So it’s a place where animals – both predator and the hunted – can ideally coexist.

The civilized predators abandon their savagery and live without threatening the herbivores who incidentally, outnumber the predators ten to one. Keeping the peace is the ZPD, (Zootopia Police Department) headed by Chief Bogo (Elba).

No one imagines Hopps to become a ‘real’ cop, but she does have friends in high places, such as Dawn Bellwether (Slate), the Deputy Mayor of Zootopia, to back her.

She and the wily fox Nick Wilde (Bateman) uncover a plot that’s aimed to destabilize the peace in Zootopia and turn the animals against one another.


Review: Love exists in many hues and shades and 45 Years examines a facet of this feeling that we don’t often get to see onscreen. It also analyses the dynamics of a relationship – from physical to emotional – that exist between people who have spent the better part of their lifetimes together.

If two people have been together for so long, can their relationship still be shaken by a ghost from the past? And if so, wouldn’t it be a terrible feeling for a person to realize that their husband or wife has never really stopped loving someone – even if that someone is long dead?

The characters of the lead pair are also carefully fleshed out. Geoff is the more easygoing of the two, but not in a joyous way. He does seem rather vacant at times, perhaps the result of his age. Kate is the wired one, more alert and active.

As the narrative unfolds, we get to see how Geoff becomes more withdrawn and introspective. No doubt about the letter he received that triggered off a torrent of memories. Kate becomes more concerned and even anguished as she uncovers more and more about Geoff’s first love.

To her, these well-kept secrets (especially when Geoff refers to the lady as ‘My Katya’) are a form of betrayal, that too before their 45th anniversary.

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