Rodgers revealed he was excited to face Brady.

Aaron Rodgers Quarterback Green Bay Packers has revealed he is thrilled to face Tampa Bay Buccania’s Tom Brady Quarterback. Goal in the NFC championship game This sunday According to reports from the NFL Network on Wednesday past. UFABET

Aaron Rodgers

Brady has spent most of his NFL career playing AFC side with the New England Patriots before deciding to move to the NFC side after signing. 1 year with Buccaneers and lead the pirate army through Sunday’s championship game with Packers. 

‘I’ve been a big fan of him for a long time and it was fun we played a few times,’ Rodgers said of Brady.’I remember when I heard the news that he was coming to NFC, I think this is really possible. I’m excited for the opportunity to play with him.’

Aaron Rodgers have another chance to clear Brady’s eyes after Packers lost 10-38 to Buccaneers in a regular season meeting at the ‘Raymond James Stadium’ game of the week. 6th on October 18 the past Despite the butter-headed team leading 10-0 before 

As for Davante Adams, the Packer’s experience had the motivation to lead Rodgers to his second ‘Super Bowl’ championship ring, and there could be nothing better than defeating the great. Forever like Brady, who won 6 times 

‘It was difficult because you looked at Brady and everyone wanted to compare that forever. So it’s the basic quarter-back statistic, the Super Bowl, so if that’s what’s going to happen. Obviously they will give as much as we can to help him get there.’

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