Cowboys release ‘Poe’ after release, positively without work

Don Teri Ponstackle experienced a Dallas Cowboys release due to being overweight and underperforming.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones revealed on Wednesday that the reason for the release of Don Teri PoNoStackle, 30, is due to weight problems and failing to perform. As expected Without involving any kneeling in protest demanding justice According.

Poe, a former Kansas City Chiefs player, Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers, signed a two-year, $ 8.5 million contract with the Cowboys in April. With a guarantee of 3.5 million US dollars Before being released from the team on Wednesday

‘When you’re over 30 pounds and you’re not doing anything about what prevents you from doing well on the pitch, there’s no reason to go and do anything else,’ Jones said.

Poe was the only Cowboys player who knelt in protest to demand justice in American society during the national anthem. But the Cowboys owner insisted it was not involved in the decision to release the 30-year-old. 

Dallas Cowboys

‘I understand your question and I will deliberately not answer it,’ Jones said. ‘We have a platform here. But the platforms in the soccer field are of high standards and (Poe) are not standardized. He needed to correct it and he didn’t. I’ll leave it there. ‘ 

He played 253 more snaps than any other Cowboys defensive lineman, but he only made seven tackles, pressed one quarterback and not even a single zack.

Cowboys also released 25-year-old Daryl Worley Cornerback, who signed a one-year, $ 3 million deal at the close of last season following a trade with the Everson Griffen ‘Pass -. Rusher ‘previous drafts experience from the Detroit Lions 

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